Ari Goldwag – Today’s the Day [Music Video]

July 24, 2018 2 min read

Ari Goldwag – Today’s the Day – זה היום
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This song is dedicated by Willy and Gloria Katz in memory of Chananya Katz A”H

Song credits:
Composition and lyrics by Ari Goldwag
Music by: Playmasters Studio
יחסי ציבור: תומר כהן מיתוג תקשורתי ויחסי ציבור | 0504652595
Video credits:
Directed by Dovid Lavon
Writer #1: Rachael Lavon
Writer #2: Dovid Lavon
Video production: Lavonafilm Productions
Producer: Ms. Ann Lavon
Technical Support: R’ Levy Ustinov
Technical Guidance: Eli Staiman (L.E. Productions)
Camera Gear Help: Ms. Leah Rosenberg
Aishes Chail: Rachael Lavon
Crew Member #1: Uncle Donny
Crew Member #2: Rafi Weiss
Crew Member #3: Yehuda Rosenstock
Crew Member #4: Aryeh Birnbaum
Crew Member #5: Mitch Azose
Crew Member #6: Yakov Gottesman
Crew Member #7: Bentzi Azose
Mirpeset and house provided by: The Rotman family
Pool provided by: The Yellin family
Pool boy: Nechemya Rubin
Balls provided by: The Weiss family
Balloons by: Jerusalem Balloons (
Special thanks… To Hashem for continually giving us siyata d’shmaya in all aspects of our lives and specifically with this video.
To Bubby Lavon for supporting this and all our endeavors with love and generosity! To all those who helped with this video whether behind the scenes or in them! Your patience and willingness to help made this production possible. Also, thanks to everyone in the street or elsewhere that kindly moved out of our filming way when asked.
Questions, etc:
Lyrics: Today’s gonna be a good day No matter what comes down my way ‘Cuz I’ve got something burning inside And I’ve already made up my mind Today’s the day, I’m a-OK Sunshine clears the clouds away Today’s the day, I’m gonna say You keep tomorrow, I’ll take today Today’s the day, I’m a-OK Sunshine clears the clouds away Today’s the day, I’m gonna pray To keep on singing as the music plays

היום יהיה יום טוב עם כל מה שיבוא כי אש בוערת בקרבי והשמחה בתוך ליבי זה היום, זה המקום שמיים נפתחו פתאום זה היום, עמוק לנשום עזוב מחר, כבר יש היום זה היום, זה המקום שמיים נפתחו פתאום זה היום, אני אזרום בואו ונשיר את הפזמון

With a smile I start my day Can’t leave it ’til I’m on my way All I’ve got is just today This one day I won’t give away With a smile I’m halfway there Say what they say but I don’t care Can’t get caught up in despair All I need is just a prayer