Benny Friedman – Fill the World with Light

December 27, 2016 2 min read

Catch a quick glimpse of the distinctive album cover, and you’ll know that Benny Friedman is back with a unique and refreshing musical treat to make your Chanukah that much happier.  And back he is…

IVRI ANOCHI – Hands down one of the funkiest songs of late, but in true Benny style, always with a powerful message.  “I’m a Jew and I’m proud…  So sing this song and spread the joy around you…”  This simcha-inducing song sounds best on repeat!

AL TISHLACH YADCHA – A unique and inspiring narrative telling the story of Akeidas Yitzchak, this song had me in tears.  Daven to Hashem through hardship and adversity; beg him to put an end to the ongoing Tzaros of His beloved children.

ASHIRA LASHEM – Something about this song “spoke” to me, and I found myself singing it repeatedly to myself.  When my husband started singing it at the Shabbos table, I knew that it wasn’t just me – this song is definitely a winner.  The words inspire Hakaras Hatov for all the goodness Hashem bestows upon us.  I love the rhyming of “Na na nay… Ki Gamal Alay,” and the tune is catchy and very sing-able.   Probably my favorite track on the album, although perhaps a fierce competition with Ivri Anochi…

MEHEIRA – Beautiful for upcoming simchas and moving for a kumzitz, this song is truly magnificent.  As noted by Benny in the album cover, it is precisely in the moments of utmost happiness that we take pause and request the ultimate simcha, the final Geulah.

As Benny Friedman is wont to do, each song inspires and engages, sheds light in times of darkness and gives hope for the future.  Check out his “Fill the World with Light – Test Drive” on You Tube for a quick preview, and for rave reviews from innocent bystanders!