Chanukah Gift For Your Kids – You Are Wonderful! 2 CD Set.

December 10, 2019 1 min read


“YOU ARE WONDERFUL! will uplift the⁣ hearts of Am Yisrael!”⁣

After years of work YOU ARE WONDERFUL! has been released! ⁣

A unique double musical album for every Jew, of every age, from not-yet-religious, to very religious, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! reveals the depth and beauty of Jewish values and life through drama, fabulous music and joy. ⁣

With fascinating, true stories and fabulous songs, YOU ARE WONDERFUL! is different from any other children’s disc you have heard. It’s honest, real, deep.⁣
It’s inspiring, joyous and entertaining! It speaks and sings to your heart, mind and neshama. It’s great for strengthening self-esteem, inner strength and wonderful values.⁣

The Stories are About: Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus, Rabbi Pam, Rabbi Scheinberg, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, zatzal; Rebbetzin Kanievsky, a”h and others, including a story about you! They are all fantastic stories! * Rabbi Paysach Krohn has narrated one of the stories because he saw how special this disc is!⁣

Some of the messages are:  * HaShem loves you! * You’re never alone * Every Jew is important * Difficulties are tests that we can pass * Our lives are filled with gifts * The power of joy * There’s so much good in you * Life is filled with miracles * People can change * You are HaShem’s child; and many more deep,  positive, life-changing messages — expressed with sincerity and joy! ⁣

Also included as a FREE GIFT inside the same case is SOMETHING WONDERFUL! (Avraham Fried – “I enjoyed it from beginning to end!”)⁣ And also inside Daily Reminders for a Wonderful Day.⁣