DANNY PALGON – BOU (Official Music Video) בואו – דני פלגן

October 30, 2019 2 min read

Produced by:⁣
Danny Palgon ⁣

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and everywhere else! ⁣

I’ve been singing for a long time but once I finished my last final exam after my first year of law school I made the decision that I was going to make an album, no questions asked – it was going to happen. After long discussions with my friend and mentor Mordechai Shapiro on how exactly to go about my next move, I decided that coming out with a single was the next step. (Hopefully, an album to come soon ;) ⁣⁣
It took many late nights jamming on the keyboard and brainstorming music video ideas for everything to come together but I couldn’t be more excited about the final product. BOU is a song of positivity and action – and gives over the message that it is only when we are able to put our values and beliefs into action, that good things can truly happen. I hope you enjoy! ⁣

Produced and Composed by Danny Palgon and Mordechai Shapiro. ⁣
Hebrew Lyrics: Elchanan Elchadad⁣
Mix and Mastered by: Doni Gross (DEG Studios) ⁣
Vocals recorded at: DEG Studios⁣
Marketing/PR: Sruly Meyer ⁣

Video by Shimmy Socol ⁣

Special thanks to Ami Kirschner, Yoni Pollack, Michael Palgon, Eli Wiesel, Tzvi Wiesel, Andrew Giller, Moshe Dechter, Dan Weichselbaum, Simon Kleiman and David Giller. To my wife Devorah for helping with everything behind the scenes, and Urban Air in Hackensack, NJ for letting us use their facilities. ⁣

Lyrics: ⁣

אני יודע שכל מה שקורה מלמעלה⁣
אני יודע שהוא נותן הכל מתנה⁣
אני יודע שגם אם לא הכל זורם לי⁣
אני יודע שכל הזמן השם איתי⁣

אז בואו בואו נמשיך בכל הכח ⁣
בואו יש יום חדש בפתח ⁣
אז בואו בואו יש אבא שמשגיח⁣
בואו ותמיד צריך לשמוח ⁣

And every day, to Him I pray⁣
To help me look and see the beauty he created.⁣
And I know, yes I know ⁣
He’s always there with me each second of each and every day. ⁣
Every day, he guides the way ⁣
And He fills my life with meaning, he fills my soul with light,⁣
And I know, yes I know⁣
He gives me life.