DJ Yossi Newman Feat Aryeh Barnett “V’hu Haya”

October 07, 2020 1 min read

With the huge success of DJ Yossi Newman’s two hit singles Ki Hu Levado featuring Aryeh Barnett and Eishes Chayil featuring Mendy J, today’s youth have been anxiously messaging Yossi asking about the next hit.

We are pleased to announce that it’s finally here. Introducing Vehu Haya, featuring rising star and former Waterbury alumnus Aryeh Barnett once again. The fresh sound of this song with the message that’s Hashem is always there is perfect for these troubling times. Barnett’s vocals really shine and punch through the amazing upbeat arrangement, driving the message.

Composed and produced by: Yossi Newman
Featured vocalist: Aryeh Barnett
Music by: Jack Shore
Recorded at: YN Studios
Engineered by: Hillel Kapnick
Photography by: Meir Kruter
Cover design & lyrical video: Yossi Zweig – Intelligent Noise LLC
Special thanks to the Brightstone, Passaic for the use of their beautiful venue for our photo shoot.

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