Have You Heard? Must Listen! – Eli Levin – Halelu Ft. Pumpidisa

June 17, 2018 1 min read

Reach deep into your soul and prepare yourself for the immersive heartfelt experience that Eli Levin brings. Eli is a singer guitarist from Brooklyn New York, where he can often be found gathering music loving jews for a sweet Carlebach song, or a hartzig chasidish Kumzitz hit.

Eli has been singing and strumming forever, but more recently he has started a more focused approach, hitting up the Simcha scene on a professional level. Just take a look at his Instagram account @elilevinmusic to check in on his regular updates. Eli excels in the ‘Kumzitz’ feel, often bringing a mellow ambience to Sheva Brachos, parlor meetings, fundraisers, office parties, Vachnachts, Chupahs  and Siyumim. When its time to pump up the crowd with some more lively music Eli kicks up the beat with a soulful touch. Bar Mitzvahs, engagement parties, even weddings, you can’t go wrong with Eli Levin.

Recently, Eli released a single – Halelu. This is a beautiful song Eli learned in Israel as a Yeshiva boy. The song is a lively upbeat dancing song that inspires you to praise God for all the wonders around us. The music video was filmed on a cliff called Sams Point, in

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