Here It Comes! Herzlich 2 – Eli Hertzlich’s New Album After Four Years!

November 10, 2019 1 min read

Attached Are MP3 File Of The New Album Preview Of Chassidic Music Star Eli Herzlich – “Herzlich 2″⁣
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Herzlich 2 – Eli Herzlich‘s New Album Is Coming To Music Stores In Israel, The US And Will Be Available For Download And Listening To All International Streaming Services.⁣

In An Era Where Albums Are Coming Out At Singles Pace, Eli Herzlich And His Personal Director Israel Lubin Do It A Little Differently. Thorough Meticulous Work On Selecting Materials That Crosses The Boundaries From The Holy Land Across The Sea And Incorporates Contemporary Composers Alongside Those Updated Unique Music Arrangements.⁣

The Result Is An Excellent Chasidic Music Album, Containing Twelve Songs In A Variety Of Styles And Rhythms, Which Will Pass The Test Of Time And Alternating Musical Trends.⁣