Just a Fan Reviews Beri Weber ft. Lev Voices- A Shabbos Farbreng

February 05, 2018 3 min read


As soon as the first track starts you’ll recognize it- Beri Weber’s smooth, clear voice, and in the background the beautiful harmonies of Lev Voices. Right away your mind takes you to a beautiful Shabbos table (okay, maybe except for the musical instruments). We all know Beri Weber from his many hits and his success on the wedding scene. While cranking out hit after hit, Beri Weber has also given us the beautiful Farbreng CDs in both acapella and full music. With A Shabbos Farbreng, we have another take on that, in that these are all Shabbos songs and there are six sets of beautiful medleys of familiar songs. They curated the songs very well, a mix of old and new, a little bit of Yiddish, a hearty helping of niggunim, and a dash of Beri’s own songs. Beri Weber and Lev Voices are a great match, complimenting each other very well. The voices are used perfectly and professionally while maintaining the spontaneous farbreng feel.  Set 5 has a slightly different feel, as it features ZUSHA and has mostly a mix of Chabad and Breslov songs. It’s my favorite track on the album- I’m always a fan of duets. It also has a different producer and arranger than the other tracks (The LPR Project, the rest of the album is produced and arranged by the very taleneted Naftali Schnitzler) and different musicians, but blends fine with the rest
of the album.

This is the type of CD you can sing along to and really listen to, but also makes great background music especially when preparing for Shabbos. There’s music throughout, but it’s gentle acoustic music and the voices star. I would have appreciated an acapella version of the tracks given all the beautiful harmonies.

Let’s take a closer look at the tracks-

Set 1- Knisas Shabbos
Vshomri- Avraham Fried/Yossi Green
Kidshu Brich Hu- Meilich Kohn
Git Shabbos- Shlolmo Carlebach
Shulem Aleichem- Beri Weber
Azameir B’shvuchin- Bar Yochai/Traditional
Yismechu B’malchischu- Shlomo Katz
Just One Shabbos- MBD/Lipa

Set 2- Leil Shabbos
Git Shabbos- Michoel Schnitzler/Lipa
Hashabbos Noam- Shlome Daskal/Shragi Gestetner
Koh Echsoif- Karlin/Traditional
Koh Riboin- Pittsburgh
Racheim B’chasdechu- R’ Moshe Goldman/Champ Shalva
Yibuneh Hamikdash- R’ David Werdyger
Yibuneh Hamikdash- Shlomo Carlebach
Nigun Shabbos- MBD

Track 3- V’taher Libeini
Composed by: Shimshy Neuman
This is the only track that isn’t a medley of other songs, but it definitely has a
familiar feel and blends in well with the rest of the album. The song is a great fit for
Beri, especially with the Hebrew blends seemlessy into the Yiddish. Like the rest of the CD,
it’s a gentle song full of harmonies. One I really enjoy.

Set 3- Shabbos Tish
Lumir Machen Kiddush- A.M. Schwartz/S. Lipschitz
Beri’s Kiddush
Nigun Shabbos- Viznitz
Koh Riboin- MBD
Shvuchin Asadeir- Bobov
Ravrevin- MBD
Eloku- Pittsburgh
Lemikdusheich- Beri/Chaim Blumenfeld
Shabbos Waltz- Viznitz
Keser- Isaac Honig/Lazer Kalish
Burich Keil Elyoin- R’Moshe Goldman/Camp Shalva
Keil Mistateir- Rupshitz/Dzikhev

Set 4- Gaguim L’Shabbos
Git Shabbos- Viznitz/Traditional
Shabbos Is Shein- Wolfson/Traditional
Shabbos Is Teier- Traditional
Fire- Shlomo Carlebach
V’anpuhu Nhirin- Lipa/Motty Ilowitz
V’hanchleinu- Shlomo Carlebach
Lchu Dodi- Sruly Werdyger/Baruch Levine
Lukeil- MBD/Yossi Green

Set 5- Lekuved Shabbos
Featuring ZUSHA
Yismechu B’malchischu- Nusach Tefillah
Shabbos Koidesh- Breslov
Nigun- Breslov
Nigun Azameir B’shvuchin- Chabad
Bnei Heichulu- Chabad
Mizmoir L’dovid- Carlebach

If you are a Beri Weber fan, or a fan of good Shabbos music, or a fan of medleys, this is one you must add to your collection. Enjoy!