Lulay | Zevi Kaufman | In Honor of Siyum HaShas 2020 | לולי | זאבי קאופמן | לכבוד סיום הש”ס תש״פ

December 25, 2019 2 min read

New single from Zevi Kaufman!⁣⁣
Available Now. In honor of the Siyum Hashas!⁣⁣
Lulay is the recognition that HaShem’s Torah is what gives us our identity. It’s the realization that without the Gift we recieved at Sinai we’d be lost in the deepest spiritual poverty. Lulay is the recognition that Torah is not an “extra” , an “enhancement” of the human condition, rather it is the only tool that allows us to discover our true selves on the journey from self-expression to soul-expression in the service of HaShem.⁣⁣
Available on all streaming and download platforms! ⁣⁣
Composed & English lyrics by: Zevi Kaufman⁣⁣
Musical Arrangement & Piano : Al Schneider⁣⁣
Strings by: Eyal Shiloach & Co⁣⁣
Saxaphone by: Dor Asaraf⁣⁣
Special thanks to @yitzyberry⁣⁣
Post Production at Cedar Studios, Jerusalem⁣⁣
Graphics by Yocheved Herzog of @thinkinkcreations⁣⁣
Lyric Video by @zweigyossi⁣⁣
Marketing by @SrulyM⁣⁣⁣
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Zevi has been involved in music as long as he can remember. A NY native, Zevi began composing and  recording songs in his parents basement from his early childhood. With his parents and Rabbeim’s encouragement, a young Zevi began his first recording studio at age 13, inspired to attempt making his own music by his father, Dr Mark (Mair) Kaufman, a former Pirchei & Sdei Chemed records child prodigy.⁣

​⁣Many of those compositions morphed into his debut album Music, Language of My Soul in 2010 , released while learning in Yeshiva in Jerusalem, where he chose to invest the majority of the next 10 years learning to see the world in its truest form . ⁣

⁣The result of over a decade of vocal technique development , songwriting, recording, production, and of course thanks to large doses of Siyata Dishmaya and the constant guidance of daas Torah, he has recently re-emerged on the Jewish Music scene with the chart-topping hits ASHIRA, KI TOV HASHEM & LULAY.⁣

Zevi sings with a rare passion and endeavors to impart meaningful messages through his compositions. His songs are performed at weddings and featured in concerts across the globe.⁣

Zevi gives a daily Shiur at Yeshivas Ohr Somayach , and a Technology for Jewish Educators Course for the Ohr LaGolah Rabbinical Training Program. ⁣

He is currently at work on a sefer on the topic of Music in Halacha & Hashkafa, an eagerly anticipated second studio album and is a sought after performer and lecturer.