New Holocaust Project Release – Let The Chain Continue, Unbroken

January 16, 2018 2 min read

I am pleased to share with you a new project that is very sensitive and applicable to our times. As we face each day in these challenging times, we must strive to be positive and hopeful. We would greatly appreciate your publishing and thank you for being a part in our inspirational efforts. Please see details below:

Project ‘I Believe’ entails a new composition that was created to instill hope in an uncertain world. It is the voice of a united people that will not rest until the flame of every Jew is ignited, banishing darkness forever. One small flame dispels much darkness.

Our goal is to educate humanity about the history and determination of the Jewish people, an historic legacy passed from generation to generation. Let the chain continue, unbroken. Make your resolution today at #ProjectIBelieve

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Project History:
Inspired by Mr. Leibel Zisman, a survivor who shared the story of his survival with the world, this song was composed in memory of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust.
Not an easy subject to discuss, Mr. Zisman was determined, to not only educate, but bring hope and inspiration to people everywhere. He traveled far and wide, sharing his story and fulfilling his life’s mission. Find his book ‘I Believe’ on Amazon via

We welcome any opportunities to incorporate this song as an enhancement to existing, or new, inspirational projects in an effort to further our message of hope across the entire world.

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Composed, Written, and Sung by Benny Begun
Music Produced, Arranged, and Mastered by Ian Freitor (PlayMasters Studio)
Background Choir by Zemiros Group
Video Produced by Rabbi Meir Geisinsky
Album Artwork and Website by
A special thanks to Myrna Zisman and her family for their unparalleled support.

Thank you to all those who help created this project and to enabling us to continue spreading our light throughout the world.