New Single – Hoshiah from Dan Poleyeff

June 04, 2018 1 min read

Introducing newcomer Dan Poleyeff with his debut single “Hoshiah.” He started playing and composing music just 3 years ago at the age of 18. Dan is the founder and creator of the app Jtabs, the largest catalog of Jewish chords for guitar, ukulele, and piano. Through his music and app, Dan hopes to reach all of the Jews around the world and bring them inspiration.



Composed By: Dan Poleyeff
Produced By: HillelKAPS Productions
Recorded @ Uptop Studios (Monsey, NY)
Engineered By: Hillel Kapnick

״הוֹשִׁיעָה אֶת עַמֶּךָ וּבָרֵךְ אֶת נַחֲלָתֶךָ וּרְעֵם וְנַשְּׂאֵם עַד הָעוֹלָם״
(תהילים כ״ח:ט)