New Single! Yossi Green Nissim V’niflaos

March 02, 2020 2 min read

Here is a composition written with the intent to kind of introduce the next project my production team and I are working on. It’s been a while since we released the project named “The 8th Note” or in Hebrew “התו השמיני”. We were extremely delighted with the way the Jewish audiences all over the world responded to “The 8th Note.” Since then the dream has been to embark on another original and exciting journey of music, perhaps calling the next project “The 10th Note or התו העשירי”! The challenge, though, is that as this new project would come as a follow-up to what had been a ground-breaking CD packed with innovation in Composition, Recording Technique, Revolutionary Arrangements, Sparkling Performance and Tight Production overall, it would have to once again break new ground in all the musical realms. With great סייעתא דשמיא here we release the first of what will hopefully be a series of creatively produced songs, each with its own style and musical story to tell. For this first song in the series, Eli Schwebel, well-known throughout our music genre for his sparkling creativity, his buzzing enthusiasm, his relentless drive and endless musical ability in addition to his sensitivity to today’s sound has joined me in bringing to you, our precious listeners, the song נסים ונפלאות just in time for Purim תש”פ. The style of the production is some kind of fusion of past and present in a style called ElectroSwing. Swing for the past and Electro for the present. It is loaded with a new type of relentless energy that grabbed both Eli and myself from the beginning. נסים ונפלאות is the result… ENJOY! PS… Oh, just a note about the composition itself… The first part of the composition has flavors of an old Moshe Laufer arrangement while the second part has flavors of an old Mona arrangement. Kind of an ODE to Mona & Moshe! After Yisroel Lamm, those two had so much influence on all our music and I thought it only fair to ‘immortalize’ them in song. I just couldn’t resist… Yossi Green