Paid in Full | Lyric Video | Eitan Freilich

September 02, 2018 3 min read

As we approach the Yomim Noraim (High Holy Days), I would always feel a sense of connection to HaShem when saying the Avinu Malkeinu teffilah. We come before HaShem and we want to buy something very expensive. We want to buy life. But we cannot afford it. We don’t have enough money to pay for it. We don’t have the merits.” Eitan Freilich, explains the meaning behind the title of this new single “Paid In Full”. Freilich who is known for his on-stage charisma and energy in the Chassidic music world continues to explain: “So we come to the Almighty and we empty out our pockets, giving him whatever merits we have plus promises for the future. I’ll pick up the phone and call someone who is lonely, I will learn an extra five minutes of Torah, I will be kind and I will be scrupulous about not speaking lashon hara (gossip) for one hour a day. HaShem is listening and he says, “You don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve felt what love means.” He sees how much we love Him and how much we yearn to improve, and He says, “You know what? You have touched my heart. Here it is, Paid in Full.” LYRICS: She walks through the door Of a jewellery store Only nine years old, she’s sweet and pure In the glass cases A valuable bracelet Just the gift that she’s been looking for. And she says “I can pay,” Spilling out a bag of change” There’s a lot, hope it’s gonna be enough.” And he says, “You’ve got taste It’s a perfect choice to make It must be for someone that you really love.” She says, “Yes, it’s for Someone I adore It’s my sister who I owe my whole life to When our parents died She took me inside And I’ve got to give her something really fine.” He sweeps up the coins Tears in his eyes He wraps up the box And waves her goodbye Thinking to himself Money is not all With a love so rich Your debt is paid in full He wasn’t surprised, When the sister arrives, She says, “I think there must be some mistake My sister presented A piece so expensive Far more than a little girl could pay.” And he says, “It’s okay,” As he wipes a tear away “Little sister gave me something I had lost Since my wife passed away I haven’t felt quite like today So I had to give her something in return.” We are like that child Seeking our desires Turning to Hashem Again and once again Avinu Malkeinu, We reach out to You But we must admit Win Banu Ma’Asim All that we can pay Just a bit of change Our teshuva’s not enough But it’s done with love Hashem above responds, He answers our call “With a love so rich, your debt is paid in full”. Produced by: EITAN FREILICH, IAN FREITOR & LUIS HERSZAFT Song Concept: EITAN FREILICH Composer: YITZY WALDNER Lyrics: MIRIAM ISRAELI Arranger: IAN FREITOR Backing Vocals: YITZY WALDNER Video by: Dov Smith Productions True story as told by Rabbi Go’el Elkarif who said he heard it from the person to whom it happened. Inspired by Download or Stream Available Here: Nigun Music – iTunes (Pre-order) – GooglePlay (Pre-order) – Amazon Music – To contact Eitan or his team for bookings and inquiries, please email or visit