Rak Likayeim Mitzvos – Yehuda!

August 15, 2016 2 min read

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Growing up, Yehuda! accompanied us on everyday shopping trips and many a family vacation.  His classics are still some of my favorites, and thus, I was excited to hear that he had another album in the works.  Rak Likayeim Mitzvos did not disappoint, and I’m excited to be able to add some of these songs to my Yehuda! classic playlist.

Hodu LaHashem – This song starts the album off with an invigorating beat, perfectly paired with words of thanks and praise for Hashem.  The catchy tune makes for a great listen, and sets the stage for more fun and Yehuda!-esque songs to come.

Rak Likayeim Mitzvos – While this song didn’t specifically jump out at me after the first listen, I found myself humming this tune as I puttered around my kitchen, preparing for Shabbos.  When I heard my toddler son singing it to himself later that day as well, I knew that this song would be a keeper.  The “Rak, rak, rak” is catchy and different, and since then, we skip straight to this song on our morning carpool route.

Veha’arev – This tefilla has always been meaningful to me, as a mother’s request for Torah to be sweet for her children and all future generations.  Yehuda! really took these words to the next level, with his signature sincerity adding to the beauty of the melody and meaning of the lyrics.

Aleinu – What a winner!!!  This song is magnificent, and definitely right up there on my list of favorite songs ever!!!  I can already hear it being rehearsed for high school productions and Shabbaton choirs…  Classic of classics, I look forward to singing this one with my kids at Shabbos meals for many years to come!

Eidosecha – Another funky song that will bring a smile to anyone’s face!   Catchy, beat-y and full of fun, this one, too, is a keeper!

The rocky tunes on this album are perfectly balanced with moving and inspiring songs that make Rak Likayeim Mitzvos a real winner.  Looking forward to future Yehuda! releases that will live up to the hype and excitement engendered by this album!