Shauli Releases New Song “B’Shir”

December 26, 2016 1 min read

Known for his original music and sound, Shauli is releasing a new single. Raised in California and now residing in Brooklyn NY, Shauli

released his first album ‘Simcha Belibi’ a few years back. The album

was received with excitement in the US and Israel alike getting radio

plays in numerous stations worldwide. The soulful singing combined with

his unique arrangements, have gotten rave reviews online and in print.

The new single ‘B’Shir‘, features words from the

Shabbos song ‘Tzur Mishelo’. It’s a song about being grateful to Hashem

for all he has given us and asking Hashem To watch over Klal Yisroel and

build the Bais Hamikdash speedily. “I wanted to put out an upbeat song

that’s fun to listen to and has heart and soul at the same time” Shauli said about this new single.

This song is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Mostly Music. Visit or Shauli on his Facebook page. Your feedback would be

most welcome and appreciated.

Composed and produced: Shauli Atias

Choir: Eli Atias,Yehuda Grama, Avner Grama, Chaim Nemetsky, Shloime Nemetsky, Moishe Nemetsky, Reuven Atias, Avromi Atias.

Photography: Bracha Atias

Cover Art Work:Yossi Zweig