The Shpy – Trailer

July 27, 2017 1 min read

Heeeeees baaack! Gather around boys and girls​!​​ The spy is now headed to the big screen!

For the first time ever, the popular ​Moshiach ​Times character​,​ “​The​ Shpy” will now be featured in his very own video. “For the longest time I wanted to animate ​The ​Shpy​ that I did 10 years ago​ and turn it into a ​ ​children’s video​, but never got to it​,​” says ​Chaim ​Hershkowitz​,​ ​Torah Treasures Creative Director. Torah Treasures’ ​​​popular ​​children’s videos​, include (name them). “Now the time has come​,” Hershkowitz says, “to add Shpy​​ to the list.”

The ​Shpy is the top secret agent at Tzivos ​Hashem and together with is sidekick ​Feivel do all they can to stop the ​Yetzer ​Horah from his next plan from trying to stop Jewish children from learning Torah and doing mitzvos.

The shpy still appears in the children’s ​magazine ​The ​Moshiach ​Times and is always on new adventures. Rabbi Dovid Sholom Pape​, ​Moshiach ​Times​’​ editor in chief says that the Shpy uses humor and fun to teach children timely and timeless lessons in the Torah.

The first episode is available exclusively at