Watch Shmuzik Episode 2: Eitan Katz & Joey Newcomb Thank you Hashem! The Kumzits Episode

September 24, 2019 2 min read

Flowmotion Studios, the Crown Heights studio that brought you Shmuze.Live, is proud to bring you the next episode in original kosher programming. SHMUZIK, a portmanteau of “SHMUZE” and “MUSIC” is the brainchild of Yankee Teitelbaum and Bracha Torenheim, the seasoned creative professionals behind the young studio and Yossi Zweig, Jewish Music broadcaster.⁣

This exciting, intimate show is hosted by radio personality and music superfan, Yossi Zweig. Each subscriber gets unlimited access to unmitigated, in-depth interviews with a beautiful mix of household names and newcomers, artists, producers, industry insiders, and other luminaries of the Jewish Music industry.⁣

With all the buzz from the pilot episode of Shmuzik, literally the first show of its kind, the dynamic duo is headed back to the studio to shoot more episodes. Yossi Zweig, host of Shmuzik said “Everybody had a great time on the set of the pilot, and they kept asking, ‘when’s the next one?.’ So we knew we had to make more”. So we started to brainstorm. Since we are in the month of Elul, I said, “lets take a more meaningful look, so that’s what we did.”⁣

Episode 2 aired last night, and features music with a deeper meaning by two talented musicians and composers, Eitan Katz and Joey Newcomb.⁣

Each episode will feature guests from different backgrounds/genres as they “shmuze” about their experiences, new projects, life, inspirations, and anything else that crosses these original minds, because the whole thing is live! Keeping it interesting, there is also music trivia and games.⁣
The pilot, which aired in August to thousands of viewers and is available at featured Sephardic singer Uri Davidi, the renowned Lubavitch singer Benny Friedman, and the Chassidic powerhouse vocalist Levy Falkowitz.⁣

Subscribe today at and witness the future of Jewish programming! And get ready for Episode 2 going LIVE at 7:30PM TONIGHT. ⁣

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