Would you jump out of a plane for a friend?? Watch this video! #Friends #MordechaiShapio

August 27, 2018 1 min read

Friends by Mordechai Shapiro
(Official Music Video) AVAILABLE ON ITUNES: Friends by Mordechai Shapiro https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fri… Dedicated in loving memory of my best friend Chaim Kasnett Chaim was a helper and a connector. He saw the good in people and the beauty in the world and the humor in any and every situation, no matter where he was. He took the time to listen to people, to really listen to their stories and share their perspective; he made friends with anyone and everyone and never once judged someone by their religious observance, beliefs, background or history. I”ll miss you forever bro! Please visit www.chaimkasnett.com to learn more about Chaim and how to keep his legacy alive. Composed by Mordechai Shapiro & Yitzy Waldner Lyrics by Miriam Israeli Arranged by Playmasters Studios Vocals by Playmasters Studios and DeG Studios Video by Shimmy Socol Concept by Shimmy Socol Produced by Mordechai Shapiro Yehuda Fein Meir Kay Thank you to my friends…. Duvie Shapiro (my bro) Yehuda Fein David Prince Steven Genachowski Chaim Frankel Meir Kay