Zevi Weinstock With His Third Single “Rochel Mevakah”

August 15, 2019 1 min read

With the release of his two singles to date, newcomer Zevi Weinstock is slowly making his mark on Jewish music. His debut single “Shir Shel Shevach” released in September 2018 thrilled music fans across the world with its unique sound and originality. He followed that up with his second single “V’ahavta” which conveyed a message of harmony in the world, with no more fighting, war, hate or hunger – just peace and love for one another.

With Tisha B’av over and the approaching of Chodesh Ellul, Zevi wanted to take a different route with this new song. He wanted to release a slow ballad which cries out to Hashem and our Mother Rochel Imeinu to please bring the geula. The song is titled “Rochel Mevakah,” and once again, is composed by Zevi himself. As with V’ahavta, parts of this song were written many years ago in Zevi’s youth. While working on the song in the studio with Ari Cukier, in a moment of inspiration, the third part of the song came to Zevion the spot. Everyone who has heard the song, the arranger/producer Doni Gross and co-producer and vocalist Ari Cukier all say this new part is their favorite part of the song. It really elevated the melody to a whole new level. So here it is, the latest masterpiece from Zevi Weinstock and something tells me there are a good many projects in the work so we won’t have to be waiting too long for the next hit.

Rochel Mevakah is available for digital download on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and Apple Music.