Itzik Orlev with a brand new single – Bo Tirkod

January 13, 2011 1 min read


While working on his upcoming Chassidic album, Itzik Orlev finds himself returning to the style of his first two albums.

Two months ago, a survey was taken on Radio Kol Berama during the program “most wanted” with Amiram Ben Lulu. Amiram asked the audience which they would prefer from Itzik, a chassidic album or mizrachi?The result was middle ground, a combination of two.

And so this new single was born.Bo Tirkod served its US premiere here and covers both chassdic sounds as well as mizrachi.

Composer and arranger Yaakov Menasheis a yeshiva student who lives in music, soul and body. Produced bySholmo Brunner.

ClickPlay below to hear the song

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