Eitan Kleinman – Omed Lehishtanot

October 10, 2010 2 min read


Eitan Kleinman is a singer and composer whose songs always make you smile. Following two singles of great interest, his album is finally about to be released. “There is never a moment when a song is not playing in my head. Even in difficult moments when the heart cries out and the soul yearns for its Creator” explains Kleinman.
Kleinman’s thought provoking song “Omed Lehishtanot” is currently making its way to the shelves in exclusive music stores. Once the album is released, Kleinman plans a round of “interactive” performances, as he puts it, in which he will sing songs from the album “sprinkled with further surprises”. Work on the album has taken 10 years due to his desire to produce an album of superior quality. “Each song has a story behind it”, he reveals. And, indeed, the album delivers the goods, each track in it contains samples both musical and lyrical from a different realm of material.
The title track, for example, came into the world during a journey in a crowded tank during the Second Lebanon War through mumbling “Shir Hama’alot Mimaamakim” (A song of ascents from the depths). Kleinman came to understand that there are moments that need to be preserved.
Unresolved a song that was not intended to be included in the album, but was recorded one day after two weeks of it playing constantly in his head which rapidly became a hit across the media. “Kumi Ori” was originally composed when he was only 16. I was not happy with the first part of the melody and was constantly looking for the right sounds, till one day I found myself rewriting that part whilst walking the streets of Tel Aviv.”
It’s worthwhile to lend an ear to the following tracks: Niggunair which blends the strains of a hassidic tish with the murky sounds of jazz. Harel’s Tears is a melancholic song written in memory of his friend Harel Shrem hy”d who fell in the security zone in Kislev 5754. “I composed the song following his funeral whilst guarding the tanks at night with the wind howling around me. To this day I have the scrap of paper stained with motor oil on which I jotted down the song, as a memento.”
According to Kleinman, his compositions contain on the one hand a yearning for closeness to Hashem, on the other hand the album is rich in its variety from the music production aspect, illuminating traditional texts in a different light on the one hand and on the other offering original lyrics from varying angles. This album of poetry, prayer, and music from the depths of the heart can be obtained at the
Greentech chain other selected stores.

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