Lechayos Es Chai – Micah Oved

August 02, 2010 1 min read

Micah has been playing the guitar from the age of 14. At 16 he moved to Safed for a period, a sustained atmosphere was inspiring to him and helped him composed several songs.Later he released his debut album “Azkara Nigunasi”. He then settled in Jerusalem and is now launching a second album, kicking and completely different than the last -”Lechayos Es Chai. “

Both albums reflect different periods in the life ofMicah’s works.The first album “Azkara Niginasi” – was released about three years ago. The songs were all the result his inspiration, with most lyrics sources, some more substantial connection to King David verses.The second album and the new “Lechayos Es Chai” contains more free writing, he also became mildly, for three years.His home studio.The album is a personal creation of original works written texts, self composed and arranged, singing and playing it acoustic guitar electric mandolin and harmonica.His music is influenced by American music, folk rock classic.

Below is the song “Eliyahu Hanovi” from the upcoming album. We hope you enjoy it.

To hear the song please click PLAY below

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