Shalsheles & Shalsheles Junior Updates!

May 13, 2010 1 min read

I just got word from Yitzchok Rosenthal of Shalsheles that the next album in the Shalsheles series “Shalsheles V” is deep in production. So much so that iy”h it will be released sometime after the summer. If yuo think Shalsheles 4 changed the way you viewed Shalsheles, just wait till “Shalsheles V” sets the next stage.

If you purchased (or borrowed) A.K.A. Pella’s latest album PLATNIUM, you were fortunate to get a preview of the “NEW” Shalsheles Junior voices. There has been rave reviews of their performance on Yofyofisa under the leadership of Shloime Kaufman and that is just a small taste of whats to come. Shloime & Yitzchok both assured me that this album will be “Something Else”. If you thought Shalsheles Junior 1 was amazing wait till you hear the new album. The album is iy”h slated for a Chanukah (winter) release. Check back here for more updates and find out who the new Juniors are.

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