Eizer Bachurim – Come Back Home

December 31, 2009 1 min read

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Difficult circumstances force two boys from frum families take the same devastating road into the abyss of depression and substance abuse. As they sadly stray further from the truth, a volunteer from the organization “Eizer Bachurim” befriends the young men and leads them back to their loving parents. Mendy Lenorowitz directs the cast of experienced actors. We see a hearwreching Kuppy Elbogen as the concerned father. Zev Eprizzo and Shimmy Engel will get you to feel the pain of these souls, searching for answers in a difficult world. Eizer Bachurim goes to the streets where few wish to be, finds these bucherim and helps lead them to the light of a Torah life.

A production by ontimestudios.com

Eizer Bachurim – Come back home from On Time Studios on Vimeo.

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