David Mizrachi presents his new single:”Eshmerah Shabbat”

David Mizrachi, (aged 43) father of four essentially a Jerusalemite who has for the
past few years lived in the community of Eli in Judea and Samaria, has always been
drawn to the special brand of music – piyutim. Even as a child whenever he was
asked to sing he would oblige. As he grew up he began singing professionally
“Music has always been a part of my soul”, he explains.

His musical education was informal, gained by performing in Jerusalem’s cantorial
groups. He was trained by well-known chazzanim, but strengthened his knowledge
through self study and intensive listening to the great singers of Sephardi music and
to the styles of music and piyutim from various sources, a consistent and serious
mode of study which eventually led him to create his own unique style.

Once his name and his music became known, his followers begged him to produce
an album of his own. Members of his family lent their hand to procure famous
composers, who in turn were impressed by his voice and his ability. Alongside
Bezalel Giladi & Oded Mizrachi who wrote and arranged, and Daniel Bensimian who
composed, Mizrachi himself took part in the creative process. Mizrachi’s delicate
voice melts the hearts of his listeners. The sweetness of his singing, along with his
yirat shamayim and winning personality, led him to set unpopular conditions: He will
not sing just anywhere, will not appear at smachot where there is mixed dancing and
insists on giving the respect due to piyutim written by world renowned composers.

The recording of his forthcoming album Simple Mercy will be remembered by the
studio staff and musicians for many years. The traditional tunes, which remind
everyone of home, of tradition, swept the participants along. Even though the
recording was done in the chilly, impersonal atmosphere of the studio, a far cry from
the excitement of a live performance in front of a large crowd, the feeling during the
recording of the present song “Eshmerah Shabbat”, was one of excitement similar to
that of a live performance, with the musicians swept up in the atmosphere of
shabbat, starting to dance in the studio.

Simple Mercy is set to be released in time for the upcoming chagim, David
Mizrachi’s music is sure to touch the hearts of everyone, whether religious or secular,
Ashkenazim or Sephardim alike. The album will be distributed by Greentech, one of
the leading music companies in Israel.

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