Michoel Schnizler album update!

July 28, 2009 1 min read

To all Michoel Schnizler fans (who is not) We are proud to announce that the Father of Chasidish singers, Michoel Schnizler – famous with his musical humor and amazing talent, is back in studio working on a Neshume Flamm album which will be his fourth Yiddish Hit album. The album will include 2 beautiful songs composed and lyrics by All famous Pinky Weber – who puts in his heart and soul for his good old friend Michoel, 2 unbe’lipa’ble songs – if you think you heard all about Lipa then wait till you listen to these songs you’ll find out YOU DID NOT, a cute Shouly Grossman song, a heart breaking song composed by Naftali M. Schnitzler Chorus by Beri Schapira, a real Yerushalmi song by Yidele Hershkowitz, Plus many other beautiful compositions by: the very talated Badchen and composer Motty Ilowitz, Moshe weintraub, Menachem Hartman, Lipa Feldman, Shimmy Schwatrz, Shaya and Yoel Hersh Fuchs, Music arranged by all known Hershy Ginsberg who specializes in presenting his talent on Yiddish songs. Music are recorded in Israel, USA and in London, At this time vocals are being recorded by Chaim Y. Goldman and Naftali M. Schnitzler, Mixing and Mastering by Ruli Ezrachi, Naftali M. Schnitzler and Larry Gates, Distributed by “NIGUN”. The album will be released IY”H “Yumim Tovim” Time..

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