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February 05, 2009 1 min read

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feldheim jewish books

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Aryeh Pinchas Strickoff

We all know the Purim story – at least we think we do.

An evil king, an enigmatic queen, the threat of annihilation, and a complete turnabout. Yet, there are many layers hidden beneath the surface. This fascinating book peels back the mask and reveals the profundity and depth within.

Gleaned from Talmudic, Midrashic, and Rabbinic sources, this sparkling and comprehensive collection of ideas will transform your understanding of Purim. (Targum Press)

feldheim jewish books
feldheim jewish books
Guidelines to Brachos Vol.1, A Bread Meal
R. Jaeger & R. Barclay
Go from puzzled to proficient with this wonderful resource. It’s a teacher, a resource, a patient guide – you’ll never be baffled about the laws of brachos again. From the first bite till the chair scrapes away from the table, this book explains it all! (Targum Press)

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When Miracles Happened
Marc Lumer
Give your child the sweet taste of the greatness of our Torah Sages and the wondrous miracles that they experienced, with this beautifully illustrated collection of stories that introduce children to the wonder and awe of our ancestors and their devotion to serving Hashem. (Targum Press)

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Tzvi Tifarto: The World of Hirschian Teachings
An anthology of articles on The Hirsch Chumash and the hashkofa of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch, published to coincide with the completion of the new English translation of the Hirsch Chumash (March, 2009).

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feldheim jewish books

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