Mishpacha Magazine presents Hu Levado – FULL CD SAMPLER

October 02, 2008 1 min read







This succos expect a little extra in your weekly Mishpacha Magazine. A cd called Hu Levado presented by Shalom Wagshal featuring the HaMenagnim Orchestra,starring star vocalists Mordechai Ben David, Dovid Gabay and Gideon Levine. Other vocalists featured are; Mendy Jerufi, Meidad Tassah, Moishe Weintraub, Areleh Samet, Moshe Rosenberg, Eli Hertzleich, Yoni Berger, Motti Rotler, Yaakov Rottblatt, Chaim Klatzkin, Yechiel Weiner, and Asher Bookspan. Check back here for a sampler in the next week.

Below is the sampler provided by Sameach music.


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