CALLING ALL BANDS!!! Band Festival Project

August 19, 2008 2 min read

Do you think you have what it takes? A unique CD project is being worked on, featuring the best of today’s Jewish bands, produced by Gershon Veroba, in cooperation with the bands themselves. This is a digital release being produced by Gershon, starring the newest, happening Jewish bands today, performing exciting new material. Each performance represents the band’s signature sound, sharing the “stage” with a variety of other bands.

An original presentation of this type has never been made available and offers an unprecedented value to music buyers, with a variety of current, unique, high-quality Jewish performances in one package.

These bands may have one or more albums already on the market or they may have none yet, but all must show solid promise in the eyes of the collective list of fans they comprise. The songs they put on this album will be also theirs to use as they may wish for any project, after an pre-agreed amount of time has passed.

Bands can record on their own or utilize Gershon Veroba’s Major Ninth Studios in New York, once they’re song is confirmed for the project. Distribution will be as aggressive as possible, including major digital outlets, CD distribution beginning immediately in the US and Israel, internet and broadcast underground radio stations, with promotion being handled by a major PR firm for maximum exposure to Jewish and mainstream markets, the goal being exposure for the bands themselves. A website is being designed for centralized following of the album, its music, sales, artist info and updates.

The purpose is to promote these bands in their best possible light for this coming year, while not requiring them to immediately release a new album to do so.

Each band will produce and submit their own songs, which will be judged on its own merits of originality, performance, entertainment value, marketability, etc. The CD will be fully promoted as a “Festival,” reflecting a collective performance of these bands in one place.

This offers the concept of a large show, but stretched out over the year and in the marketplace, rather than on an actual stage, in one place on one night, with one audience. This also forgoes the politics and problems such a show would present!

Each band brings its own fans to the audience and shares that audience with the rest of the bands in this production, so their combined fan base (concerts, online following, past CD sales and contacts) will now benefit all acts in the project. No matter how popular you are (or aren’t), with 12 to 15 songs chosen carefully, produced properly, performed by acts that will already bring fans with them (50 or 5000), your audience grows and you didn’t have to make a whole album to do it!

During the pre-production and song audition processes, we cannot officially publicize the involvement of any of the participating groups without final confirmation. Before confirming any bands, however, we will be most happy to inform them of all other confirmed acts on the project and we will keep them updated as to all further acts considered for the remainder of the project.
To be a part of this project or to submit entries please email

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