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R' Shimshon Neiman - Nechuma

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Nechuma! Composer of world-famous “Neshuma” releases Brand New debut album!

He’s a Magid Shiur in several Yeshivos, and never dreamed of becoming famous... But a song he composed turned into a world-popular hit and connected him to the greatest Chassidishe singers and brought him to release his first, original album!

It all started fours years ago. R’ Shimshon Neiman arrives in Kollel as usual, and then, as if from heaven, while he was learning, he began to hum and compose what would later become a worldwide musical hit “Oy Neshuma Vi Bistee...”

Not much time has passed, and the heartwarming song has been released, in a beautiful format by popular London singer Shloime Gertner - and the rest is history...

His closest friends and some of the greatest artists in the Chassidishe Music industry identified his potential, and how his song managed to cheer up Cholei Yisroel and brought back Neshuma’s L’avihem Shebashamayim, and urged R’ Shimshon again and again to release an album featuring his original compositions - and now it’s finally happening!

For this project we went all out in selecting the best voices in Jewish Music, starting from the most-popular choirs, such as “Malchus Choir” the leading choir in Eretz Yisroel as well as the “Shira Choir” the industry leaders in New York, followed by the Shevach Boys Choir, and none other than the legendary producer Naftali Schnitzler himself!

And now, as the album “Nechuma” is finally here, get ready to listen to some of the most amazing & inspiring compositions of R’ Shimshon Neiman, sung by R’ Shimshon himself, as well as talented guest stars: Ahrele Samet, Shloime Gertner, Dovy Meisels, Yoely Klein, and even the famous musician Meir Adler!

“Nechuma” is distributed by Lchaim Music and available for pre-order. Look out for it in stores later this week!

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תהלה ג.
Israel Israel

An absolutely beautiful album! Beautiful, Jewish songs performed so professionally , and you can just "hear" the kavana that is there along with the singing!! Highly recommended!

Jack A.
A breath of fresh air to the world of chasidic music

Each song is a masterpiece on its own and the topping of the ice cake is the song of NECHAMAH which Shlomie Gertner sings, this is a example of British talent at its best, Shimshon and Shlomie keep up your good work!


The best cd!!!!!!!! Shimshi keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shimshi fan

wow wow !!!! amazing job.

Behalf o.
What a CD full of heart and love to every YID

Reb Shimshon Thanks for composing those heart warming songs, thanks for everyone that have helped this beautiful CD happen! And of course Thanks for the one and the only one A. Berkovits for all his good work in this project and in all other projects . HASHEM should pay you back for your help and you should always be able to help and support other people.