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[COLlive] ‘Jewish Star’ to Win New Car

by yossi December 17, 2010

Excitement is mounting for ‘A Jewish Star’ singing competition, and the stakes are higher this year, with the winner to get a 2 year lease of a brand new car, sponsored by Leasing Direct.

Season Two of “A Jewish Star” – the world’s first Jewish music singing competition – was launched recently, capturing the excitement and imagination of the Jewish music world.

Music enthusiasts of all ages are waiting to see who this year’s contestants will be, as the deadline for submissions draws near.

The stakes in this year’s competition are especially high, as the winner will receive a 2 year lease of a brand new Honda Accord.

The announcement was made last week by Jewish Star producer Yossi Soffer and major sponsor Sam Chaninof Quantum Holdings, who recently signed a deal for the sponsorship of the prize with Sruly Bernsteinand Abe Zuntz, owners of Leasing Directin Brooklyn, NY.

“A Jewish Star is a great thing,” Zuntz said, “because it gives fresh, young talent an outlet for expressing their creativity in a positive way. Our company is happy to give back to the community as well as to the Soul to Soul organization, which benefits the education of children with special needs.”

The winner will be chosen during a live performance on February 20 in Brooklyn, with judges Avraham Fried, Eli Gerstnerand Mendy Pellinwatching closely for talent, voice, stage presence and other qualities that they believe a singing sensation should posses.

The winner will get time at Ruli Ezrachi recording studio in Brooklyn to record a Jewish song of their choice, with coaching time by Avraham Fried. The winner will also receive $1,000 cash.

The winner of this year’s all new children’s competition will receive a coveted spot in the world famous Yeshiva Boys Choir, directed by Eli Gerstner.

The winner will also receive an exciting 7-day Israel vacation for 2, with hotels and touring included, sponsored by VIP Israel.

VIP Israel’s parent company, Quantum Holdings Inc., has committed to a one million dollar marketing sponsorship package to support A Jewish Star.

“I believe in A Jewish Star, and I believe there is a great future in viral competitions,” Sam Chanin, CEO of Quantum Holdings, said. “This is why I chose to advertise my companies with them. And this competition is especially important to me because in this way I can also give back to the community, with the Soul to Soul organization benefiting as well.”

Chanin’s companies are direct to consumer businesses, all of which have ties to the community, such as Watermatic, which offers coolers to homes and offices that provide state-of-the-art technology for unlimited purified hot and cold kosher water.

Two of Chanin’s other companies raise money for Chabad Shluchim. In 2006, credit card processing company Tribul Merchant Servicesstarted their Charity Ventures Program, which has paid out over $1 Million to Shluchim across the country. The program works on a referral basis, with Shluchim referring their supporters’ businesses to Tribul for credit card processing, and the Shluchim receiving monthly payments which helps them sustain their operations.

The other, E-charity Boxis a software program that allows supporters to donate to Chabad Centers, synagogues or non-profit organizations online, or on their cell phones, iPads, even facebook; like carrying around a virtual Pushka in their pocket.

The fourth sponsorship company, VIP Israel, offers full service travel arrangements to Israel.

Chanin relates how excited he was to partner with A Jewish Star to support Soul to Soul.

“Through the generosity of sponsors and donors, together we can all make a difference,” he says. “I encourage any business that has ties to the community to sponsor and support this competition which is bringing people together through music.”

A Jewish Star is currently accepting submissions and sponsorships.
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