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The First Single From Yair Shiryon “Emunah Shleimah”

by yossi July 27, 2015

Yair Shiryon from Rechovot is a Baal Teshuva, who is releasing now his first single called Emunah Shleimah.

Shiryon began his connection to music and art while he was still a child. He paints, sculpts, and plays instruments, and his entire spiritual world is completely artistic. Shiryon is a graduate of the Betzalel academy for art, where he excelled in his studies. Simultaneously, he studied in a number of other topics as well.

However, after many years of professional study of painting and sculpting, his soul wanted to do something else. He turned towards alternative medicine, originally in Shiatsu, and then in classical homeopathy. He started his own private clinic and saw patients, and then in the past decade, he turned towards becoming a Baal Teshuva, during which he developed songs, tunes, and stories. The songs collected into an album one by one, the stories and thoughts became a deep and emotional concert, and his website turned into a vessel full of wisdom.

Lyrics: 13 Principals of Faith of the Rambam
Composer: Yair Shiryon
Arrangement: Chagi Davidoff

Click PLAY below to hear the song


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