Photos from HASC 26 Now Available!


Last night was an incredible night of Jewish Music, and here are the photos from that amazing night. For the full recap go to JMR’s Kol Isha who had the full breakdown! Photos by Stan Weiss.

01-i-Kb7Spjd-XL 02-i-JxdXL9v-XL 03-i-m6FqLgL-L 04-i-gSNBtmk-XL 05-i-7HDQfRm-L 06-i-xjnWTvd-L 07-i-VgxtXfB-L 08-i-HjL93Bs-L 09-i-vwZnBhs-XL 10-i-fWjPb6w-L 11-i-6JH24J3-L 12-i-TMVt99d-L 14-i-NLPz7td-L 15-i-8cs6P6m-L 17-i-ctsBwZM-L 18-i-4h7DD8B-L 19-i-5n7tmF8-L 20-i-fKFbPS7-L 21-i-SGRJ56h-L 22-i-GMN73vm-L

1-i-zj3t6q9-L23-i-bZmH2BV-L 24-i-rbZKRJt-L 25-i-4mSHNJW-L 26-i-PXxQx7c-L

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