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The Different Genres of Jewish Music

by OutOfTowner October 24, 2012

In the world we live in there are no shortage of genres of music. Everyone has their two or three favorites and probably an equal number of the same that they absolutely would never listen to (and in some cases wouldn’t even consider  music).

Jewish music, while offering a much smaller variety,  is actually full of all different genres of Jewish music. Besides all the groups who primarily cater to one specific genre, a typical  album will feature anywhere from three to five different genres. Some people are very particular about what they like and others, like me, are less picky. While I personally find techno styled music unlistenable, for the most part, I enjoy listening to new music and will take a pleasant sounding new release over repeating the same album endlessly. It’s not to say that I don’t have a favorite album, a favorite singer or a favorite genre, but I need to hear new music.

For the record, my favorite genres are disco horahs and rock ballads. I am curious to hear yours!  Feel free to comment and share your thoughts!


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