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Neshoma presents: Rau Banim featuring Ari Boiangiu and Shimon Craimer

Neshoma Orchestra presents the second video in the series. This time featuring the Shwekey hit song Rau Banim composed by Yonatan Razel performed here by Shimon Craimer and the Neshoma Orchestra.

Rau Banim
Composed by Yonatan Razel, Neshoma Orchesta Featuring: Ari Boiangiu, Shimmy Braun, Shimon Craimer, Aryeh Kunstler, Shaya Lieber, Shaya Lieberman, Bobby Shubowitz, Filmed at The Sephardic Temple, Cedarhurst NY, Produced by: Dov Katz & Aryeh Kunstler, Video Production & Editing: Jason Aron & Brian Berkowitz for Jerry Meyer Studio, Audio & Sound: Shy Clyman, Additional Audio Editing: Bobby Shubowitz, Lighting Director: Tom C, Photography: Jason Meyer for Jerry Meyer Studio.

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