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Country Yossi Cover Reveals All New YBC Album!

The Country Yossi magazine has the first image of the much anticipated and awaited Yeshiva Boys Choir A Cappela album. This new CD features the YBC singing all  a cappela perfect for the upcoming Sefirah season. Grab the upcoming issue to read all about and enjoy this first look at the cover. Country Yossi Pesach issue hits the stands Friday with a spectacular full color 24th anniversary issue jam-packed with goodies. Eli Gerstner and his Yeshiva Boys Choir will also be featured in 2 Chol Hamoed concerts scheduled (NY,NJ). Read all about it as well as Country Yossi’s reminiscence of “Purim with my Rebbe – R’ Shlomo Freifeld zt”l, the official new top 3

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