Sholom Jacobs Sings in Germany

December 28, 2011 2 min read

Singer Sholom Jacobsperformed at Menorah lightings across Germany this Chanukah, joining Shluchim Yehuda Teichtalin Berlin, Chaim Barkahnin Dusseldorf and Rabbi Eliezer Chitrikin Nuremberg.

After several successful years of bringing Jewish music to Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States in honor of Chanukah, singer Sholom Jacobscontinued his tradition of bringing music to Eastern Europe with three smash shows in the German cities of Berlin, Dusseldorf and Nuremberg.

“Each year I put together a tour in places that cannot afford big productions but have many Jews,” explained Sholom. “The Lubavitcher rebbe asked us to share the Jewish spark and bring out the pintela yid in every Jew. There is no greater way to do that than by bringing music and dancing to people in parts of the world that have been through so much.”

Sholom was joined on this tour by producer and accompanist Avram Zamist, and the two delighted hundreds of people at every venue, which were coordinated with the help of local Chabad shluchim, Rabbi Yehuda Teichtal(Berlin), Rabbi Chaim Barkahn(Dusseldorf) and Rabbi Eliezer Chitrik(Nuremberg).

The first show, which took place on the first night of Chanukah, was held at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, transforming the exact spot Hitler used for his hate filled rallies into an oasis of Jewish pride as over 1,800 people braved the extreme cold to enjoy a rare taste of Jewish music. Among those in attendance were United States Ambassador Philip D. Murphy, Bundestag Vice President Wolfgang Thierse, Berlin Senator for Urban Development Michael Müller and chairwoman of the Alliance ’90/The Greens Bundestag parliamentary group Renate Künast.

Over 500 people, attended the second night’s concert, held in the city’s main square. The third night of Chanuah featured an indoor concert in Nuremberg, attended by over 250 people. Despite the frigid temperatures, people stayed well into the night in all three cities, singing and dancing well into the night as the both the light of the menorah and the warmth and beauty of Jewish music captured the magic of Chanukah.

Upon his return to New York, Sholom had the distinct privilege of lighting the Chanukah menorah at Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, giving New Yorkers equal opportunity to enjoy Sholom’s unique style and melodious voice.

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