Ari Raskin

Ari Raskin’s newest video “The King in the Field” for Chodesh Elul

Ari Raskin delivers an inspiring message conveyed through a beautiful melody and powerful video footage.

After having their flight delayed, following the shooting of another major project, this video was spontaneously filmed in Eastern Europe by music producer Danny Finkelman and directed by Tzirel Raskin.

The “King in the Field” is a song by Isaac Bitton which depicts the well-known parable of a King who is closely guarded by his soldiers, hidden away in his chambers. Only those who are invited are able to greet the King and converse with him. However, on rare occasions, there are times when the King leaves his castle and wanders the streets and fields meeting ordinary folks and hearing the plight of his townspeople. During this time, the King is gracious to his subjects, he shows each one of them personal interest, and even accepts their petitions and requests.

This is what the Jewish month of Elul is all about. G-d is closer now than any other time, closely listening to our requests and prayers and allowing us to connect with him on a deeper level.

Also starring:
Zaidy Raskin, Raskin’s Fish, NY
Shaina Raskin
Chana Komar
Ari Rimler
Cheski Rimler
Yanky Rimler
Mendel Rimler

Produced and Directed by: Tzirel Raskin
Edited by: Valerie Hayward
Filmed by: Mauricio Arenas

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