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[Free Download] Jew Ventures Labor Day Weekend

by Jewish Music Reporter August 19, 2011

A message from  Yisroel Juskowitz
In honor of Tu B’Av, I wanted to send everyone a free download! This was a song I wrote at a shabbaton at the home of Rabbi Benzion Klatzko of fame. It fits well with some of the theme of Tu B’Shvat, as the song becomes an Od Yishoma, and part of Tu B’Shvat is about finding and connecting with our soulmates. The first part also fits with Nachamu, since the first part is Shir Hamalos, and deals with returning back to Zion. It is a faster more upbeat melody. Enjoy!
To get another free download, join my facebook fan page go to pages/Yisroel-Juskowitz/ 156467541068447?ref=ts and click “Like” and I will email you another song.
Thank G-d, much has been going on with the music and other projects. The CD has gone into its second printing, and there will soon G-d willing be an article in Mishpacha Magazine about the projects and things. The recent shows in Cedarhurst and Brooklyn went really well.
I am doing a show as part of an amazing Labor Day weekend at Lake Como with Jew Ventures! Their last weekend attracted over 300 people, so it should be tons of fun, with boating,zip lines, BBQ, Rabbi Benzion Klatzko, magic shows, horseback riding, sports, Glatt kosher meals, magic shows,fireworks, and so much more! I am scheduled to play Motzai Shabbos at the event. To sign up for the weekend go to  http://labor-jewishmusic.
I have been hard at work lately in the studio again on the audio series of the upcoming book “The Hidden Path.” I hope to have the audio series up on my website G-d willing some time during Elul. I also am trying to finish the series of paintings themed after some of the songs on the album. So far 4 of the 6 intended paintings are finished.
My website for downloads and the new album is
Download here.
Jewish Music Reporter
Jewish Music Reporter

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