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August 18, 2011 1 min read

I’m sure many of you noticed that our site was down yesterday for maintenance.    Aside from performing updates and scans to keep JMR as up to date as possible, we took the opportunity to check out some site statistics, something we don’t often do because quite frankly, we would rather write about music than look at numbers.


Still, the statistics proved to be pretty interesting and we were more than a little surprised to see some of the top ten cities that our readers hail from, so we figured we would share them with you.  As always, thanks to all our loyal fans for making JMR part of your day!

The top ten cities, in order that our visitors arrive from are:

1. New York

2. Tel Aviv
3. Lakewood
4. Jerusalem
5. Spring Valley
6. Baltimore
7. Toronto
8. Los Angeles
9. Paris
10. Chicago
Tel Aviv?  Paris?  Who knew!!

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