JMR Exclusive: NEW ANIMATED DVD – Young Abraham

A brand new DVD has just been released with incredible state of the art CGI animation. This new DVD is one of the most professionally done films for Jewish animation. An ambitious new project which has resulted in an exciting new movie everyone’s children will be asking for. JMR is happy to bring you a description of the new DVD and included below are some screen shots and a short clip.

Nimrod’s kingdom is about to face its greatest challenger in a young boy named Abraham. While little is known of Abraham’s childhood in the Torah, the Midrash presents a mighty tale of this courageous boy who stands toe to toe against the most powerful ruler of the ancient world. For the ancient city of Ur to the lush hills of Canaan, Abraham’s journey is filled with adventure, danger and plenty of laughs, while inspiring you. This is fun entertainment the whole family will enjoy!

You can now buy the new DVD at

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