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Top 20 Leaders Announced in Jewish Star Competition

January 20, 2011 2 min read


Brooklyn, NY – Voting for contestants for Season Two of A Jewish Star singing competition, COLlive’s wildly popular singing competition, is set to end at 12:00 PM EST Friday, with the ten adult finalists and three child finalists to be named on Sunday by the judges who will selection the finalists from the top twenty vote getters in each category.

As of today, VIN News got the exclusive who are the top vote getters with the best chances of ending up as the finalists.

Zalman Attal – Brunoy, France
Moishe Borenstein – Brooklyn, New York
Hillel Braun – Lakewood, New Jersey
Ezzy Duchman – Miami Beach, Florida
Shmouel Halimi – Beit Shemesh, Israel
Mordechai Hershkowitz – Brooklyn, New York
Aaron Holder – Miami Beach, Florida
Yitzy Goldsmith – Monsey, New York
Yoel Goldstein – Brooklyn, New York
Mendy Jacobson – Brooklyn, New York
Zalman Levy – Johannesburg, S. Africa
Yossi Loloyan – Encino, California
Shlomo Menkes – Santa Monica, California
Mendy Piamenta – Kfar Chabad, Israel
Gershon Shapiro – Brooklyn, New York
Yechiel Schnitzler – Lakewood, New Jersey
Shevach Tamir – Brooklyn, New York
Beryl Teitelbaum – Brooklyn, New York
Menachem Weinstein – London, England
Moishe Wilschanski – Brooklyn, New York

The top six vote getters, listed in alphabetical order, in the junior category are currently:

Yisroel Amar – Golden Beach, Florida
Shmuly Brafman – Morristown, New Jersey
Sruli Milstein – Brooklyn, New York
Ari Raskin – Brooklyn, New York
Chneor Orel Sadon – Paris, France
Akiva Schechter – Miami Beach, Florida

All ten finalists will all perform at the annual Soul II Soul Foundation concert to be held at the Brooklyn School for Music and Theater on February 20, with the winner declared by judges Avraham Fried, Mendy Pellin and Eli Gerstner.  The concert, starring Benny Friedman, will benefit the Chasdei Soul II Soul Foundation, an organization that supports the education of special needs children.  Other musical talent involved in the show include Yochi Briskman and Country Yossi who will be master of ceremonies for the evening.

A Jewish Star is an annual competition designed to give talented unknowns a shot at stardom by giving them the opportunity to be heard by both the public and insiders in the Jewish music business.  Both the adult and junior winner of this year’s competition will receive $1000 cash and career promotion from Aderet/Mostly Music.  Additionally, the adult winner will also receive a two year lease on a 2011 Honda Accord, coaching from superstar Avraham Fried, and the opportunity to record a song with Ruli Ezrachi.  The junior winner of A Jewish Star will also receive a spot in Yeshiva Boys Choir and tickets and hotel accommodations for a trip to Israel.

Last year’s competition attraction over fifty auditions and 61,893 votes were cast online.  The winner was Binyamin Moshe, a Brooklyn yeshiva student who recently released his first single.

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