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Photos/Full Review from Avraham Fried Concert in Sultan [PLUS VIDEO]

by JMR ISRAEL July 28, 2010

Here is an EXCLUSIVE REPORT by our JMR ISRAEL reporter. Please do not reuse without a direct link to this page.

Many thanks to our dear friend Baruch Ezagui for the amazing photos! (2 videos below review as well)

Avraham Fried performed last night in Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh to a sell out crowd in Sultan’s Pool Auditorium. The last time a singer with a long beard was the main act at this venue was when Matisyahu performed here over Sukkos. This was an evening that celebrated Avremel’s achievement of 30 Years singing Jewish music—and he did not disappoint the diverse crowd that ranged from—Secular, Lubavitch, Litvishe, Mizrachi—every type of Jew was present to reminisce with Avraham Fried and to enjoy the surprisingly cool summer night! Throughout the evening, as Avraham Fried sang songs throughout the decades, the theme was clear—he wanted to inspire his audience to remain conscious of the Geulah, Moshiach, and The Beis HaMikdash.

To that end, while the computer graphics malfunctioned a bit—he even admitted so during the Concert—the animated visuals were IMPRESSIVE and only further enhanced the sweet voice that sounded stronger than ever as the night went on.

On another note, I continue to be impressed with Avraham Fried’s grasp and use of the Hebrew language—he spoke one word of English the entire night (guess which word it is, I’ve placed the word at the bottom of the pictures!). In fact, he even modified some English Songs into Hebrew!

The crowd was enthralled by a guest appearance by Israel folk singer…Ariel Zilber, who in a duet with Avremel, sung his hit song: Ten Li Koach click here!

Plus, Avraham sung a NEW SONG click here to hear it, called Kumu V’Naaleh Tzion. Better yet, he sung seemingly forever his current hit, Ki Hirbeisa, featured already on JMR here.

He closed the evening, with a song in Hebrew in which he thanked everyone for joining him on this musical journey. The song was called: Kamma Tov and in the background it had pictures of Avremel throughout the years…I forgot he wore a vest for a period of time in the 90’s :)

The English Word Avraham Fried used was….Sorry.


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