Lipa Does it Again! A Pre-Release Premiere CD Concert!

Lipa Schmeltzer has once again reinvented the Jewish Music wheel. For the first time in Jewish Music, a singer will hold a pre release, new album premiere concert. This event will introduce the most die hard fans to Lipa’s brand new CD.

The CD, titled M’eimka D’Lipa, sure to be a massive hit will be debuted for the first time at this sure to be sold out event.

Prices are VIP, $100, $75, $54, $45, $36. All VIP, $100 and $74 dollar ticket holders will receive the new CD free. VIP tickets holders will be able to take part in a private party with Lipa. A CeeZee production. Concert line is 718-576-1769. Email for more information.

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