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February 27, 2010 4 min read

HASC XXIV Lineup Announced

The producers of the HASC Concert have announced the stars of the upcoming concert. “We always try to keep it fresh,” says Shaya Mendelowitz, “but we also know that when something is successful, you stick with it!” That something is the format of HASC VI, where there was a plethora of performers, and was one of the top 20 HASC concerts in history.

Following that lead, the lineup of this year’s show will include: Shua Kessin, MBD, Benny Friedman, Yossi Green, Mona, Shloime Gertner, Yisroel Williger, LIPA, Shloime Taussig, about 8 Werdygers, LIPA, Michoel Pruzansky, Oif Simchos, Kinderlach, Miami Boys Choir, Yaakov Mordechai Gerstner and his older brother, LIPA, the 2 guys who try to be Lipa, the Razel and Katz brothers, YBC, Tzlil Vzemer, The Pester Rebbe, Mendy Wald, Sruli Williger, Ari Goldwag, both Shwekeys, Ohad, Dedi and Dudu, A.B. Rotenberg, and much, much more!!!

JMR Updating their Website

At Jewish Music Report we look for ways to make sure that we are the best Jewish music website available and cater to the tastes of the entire Jewish music fan base.

With this in mind, we are adding a feature to our site called the Blank Page. Many fans of Jewish music believe that it is halachically forbidden to listen to any music and certainly to see any pictures or videos of concerts or Events. These fans also do not want to read any comments or reports on such occurrences. The Blank Page will be blank, and will provide for them no news and no music and no pictures or videos.

“We are pleased that JMR providing something on their website for those of us that have a higher standard,” said Rabbi David Weiss, spokesman for NK, Inc.

New CD from A.C.A. Pella for Sefirah.

This new CD to be released right after Pesach special for people who are stringent in what they listen to during Sefirah. The album contains n0 tracks, with no musical arrangements. It has no one singing and a special choir from Israel where all the mics were muted. The CD artwork will be plain white paper (no gloss) with a 36 page booklet. We spoke to the producer, Moshe Pipick who said “We’re just trying to keep things basic, no digital effects, no fake drums, this CD has nothing!”  The album will be titled “A Ganz Gor Nit”

Yochi Briskman Presents Project XeroX

Yochi Briskman, one the most prolific producers of Jewish Music, has produced the latest in the X series, called Project XeroX. The declining economy, according to Yochi, has forced him to cut production costs and try to present a very low budget CD. Project XeroX will feature Yochi Briskman singing and performing medleys of existing songs, a copy of his previous release Project ReNeXt.

Gertner Working on Follow Up to Happy Birthday

On the massive success of the Yossi Green song, Happy Birthday, Teem productions has decided to do a follow up.

The song will be called “It’s Your Bris Day.”

The Hebrew lyrics will be taken from the Bris text itself: Zachar L’olam Brisoy Davar Tzivah Lelef Dor. Asher Koras Es Avraham Ushvuaso L’Yitzchok … Zeh Hakatan Gadol Yehieh … V’yikara Shemo.

In an exclusive scoop, an anonymous source has confirmed to us the English lyrics will be:
It’s your bris day … it’s your bris day.  Nothing will be the same.
It’s your bris day … it’s your bris day.  Now you finally have a name.

New Contest From the Producers of “A Jewish Star”

Following the success of COLive’s “A Jewish Star Contest,” JMR is pleased to announce the brand new “A Jewish Star Judge Contest.”

Contestants should send in a short video of themselves judging Jewish music, and remember that you will be judged on your judging ability, and not the quality of the video.

Winners will be announced at the upcoming Sole2Sole Concert, September 9th, 2010.

Benny Friedman Music Video

What could be better?! It seems like everybody is releasing a music video nowadays, based either on their own song or a famous, meaningful song from a fellow musician. Benny Friedman seems to always do something with his own special twist, and his music video is no different!

Benny’s video, which should be available by Chanukah (year not specified), is entitled No Footage Video. It will sell for $0.50. “You gotta make videos that you like. You gotta be true to the art. You can’t fool yourself,” Benny said, in an unrelated interview.

New Tish CD to be Released

Yosef Moshe Kahane has done it again! After bringing us Shabbos Tish 1,2, and 3, Chanukah Tish 1 and 2, Purim Tish 1,2, and 3, and Wednesday Tish 1 and 2, get ready for “Purim Tish 4: Unter Di Tish!”

The music that Yosef Moshe has out together in this latest effort is sure to make want to stagger to your feet and sing along!

Shwekey or Shwekey?

You see the poster. “Shwekey in Concert.” There’s a picture of Shwekey. There’s a promotional audio clip. It sounds like Shwekey. But who are you going to see? Yaakov? Or Yosef Chaim? You just don’t know.

Apparently, Yosef Chaim Shwekey thinks this is as big of a problem as you do. That is why, in recent court documents filed in Jerusalem, Yosef Chaim legally changed his name to the Canadian spelling Chwequi.

“I am not trying to be humorous. This is necessary so that the public can stop being confused. Sometimes I myself get confused!” said Chwequi.

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