JMR Song of the Week 4: Vote!

December 21, 2009 1 min read


Song of the Week returns! Last weeks winner was Avraham Fried: Rak Tefilah from the Avraham Fried Live in Israel CD/DVD. This week we encourage people to vote once again, and of course forward the link to vote to all your friends.

Here are the instructions, every Monday morning we will put up 5 brand new choices for JMR’s Song of the Week to be determined Friday morning. We also invite you to email in your own picks for next weeks Song of the Week. You can email u your choice by sending an email to

This weeks 5 songs to choose from are:

MBD – Omar R’ Akiva (Kulam Ahuvim)
Ohad – Yababai (My Music)
Menucha – Uvo Remix (YBC LIVE 3)
Baruch Levine – The Next Gadol Hador (Touched By a Niggun)
Yoeli Schwartz – Tanya (Hu Borei Umanhig)

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You can vote directly in the latest poll by clicking here.

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