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Yacov Chesed, “The Passage”: Album Review

by TcK November 25, 2009

Yacov Chesed, “The Passage”: album review


Yaakov Chesed is Rising Above again, as their 2nd album is about to be released throughout the world. The band will be debuting the release at Yeshiva University’s Battle of the Bands this Thursday Night.

Knowing people in high places has paid off, for I got my lil hands on the album in order to get this review out- wanting to build excitement for what is about to hit the shelves.  I have known some of the band members for a long time, and as a fan of Aryeh Kunstler’s own work, I was very excited to hear what Yaakov Chesed was offering a second time around.

The boys are young, but the talent and skills are not. The CD has a wide variety of music styles and lyrics, making it an exciting, inspiring and enjoyable experience.  I know I am a fan of many of the albums that I have reviewed, but this CD is over the top. You can definitely hear the experience and work put into this album, and the years of performing has finally paid off .

The album was produced by Aryeh Kunstler and Jake Antelis, and was mastered by Ian Freitor.

Before going to listen, here is some background info as to who’s who within the music of Yaakov Chesed:
Jake Polansky sings and plays acoustic guitar, Michael Moskowitz is on drums, Aryeh Kunstler plays bass and synth, and Michael Shapiro plays lead guitar. Michael Shapiro also does vocals on “Eishes Chayil”, and he, together with Aryeh Kunstler, wrote the song as well. The beautiful piano sound throughout the album was done by Yitzy Spinner.
Also check out the gorgeous artwork that has been done by European artist- Thomas Zaczuniak. The art definitely draws your attention to pick up this album and wonder what its all about. A pretty snazzy deal with Sameach Music makes the album an affordable, well-worth-it expense.

Some songs have English and Hebrew lyrics intertwined making the songs even more spiritual.  All the songs are awesome and catchy but I am going to focus on my favorite ones here:
The first song on the album, “All I Ask” is a great way to introduce the CD. You can hear Aryeh Kunstler singing harmony and background vocals, and the chorus is great, bringing out your typical Yaakov Chesed sound.

Barchi Nafshi is the song I think I had on repeat about 6 times in a row. It’s truly enjoyable! The funky mix of sound is great and everything is right about those lyrics.

Yaakov Chesed released their “Eishes Chayil” a few months ago as a sneak peak for YC fans. I fell in love with the song the first second it started playing. Beautiful medley mixed with beautiful vocals make the song we sing every Shabbos even more inspiring to sing.

The minute YC releases the album I am changing my ring tone on my cell phone to “Hamalach”. This song is fantastic! Rock n Roll beats, amazing sound and obviously amazing lyrics- can’t go wrong with Hamalach Hagoel!!

Whats a CD without a beautiful Mi Bon Siach? YC does it again, bringing an inspiring medley to us. The violin sounds are gorgeous and this song is definitely a winner.

And last but not least, the album leaves us with an all-around song, Hallelu. This one will cause you to keep wanting more of what Yaakov Chesed has to offer.

The other songs are amazing as well. I am a huge fan of this album, if you couldn’t tell so far, and I am so excited to start seeing Yaakov Chesed perform their new hits all over the world. (IYH!)
Please buy this album, I can guarantee you that if you were already a YC fan, or interested in new music, you will enjoy this album!!!!!!


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