August 17, 2009 1 min read

This is for a frum event to be held this year.

Immediate casting – Submission ONLY

Project Name: Undisclosed

Project Type: Independent short film (non‐Union)

Pay: Some with all travel expenses covered


Coming of age story that follows a character as he reexamines his life and the value & belief system he has established for himself.


Please send a headshot & resume to  If you don’t have a headshot & resume, please send a recent photo and brief description of acting experience.  Experience not required but preferred.

Casting the following roles:

1) Lead Charachter ‐ (30’s) Defined by his professional success.  Workaholic, jaded, unappreciative, naive at times, neglecting of family and those around him.  His Journey thru the story, forces to reexamine his values and beliefs systems

2) Rabbinic Student ‐ (18‐25) Young, religious, excited & determined in his quest for an idealistic Jewish life.  Must be able to speak with convincing foreign accent.

3) Retired Man ‐ (65‐85) Retired, friendly but lonely older man with a patriarchal approach to the world.   Possible hint of European accent.

4) Israeli Concierge ‐ (25‐40) Commandingly good looking, sharp humor, curt, multi‐tasking and focused on his work tasks.  Must be fluent with Israeli accent both when speaking Hebrew or English.

5) Middle Aged Man‐ (40’s-50’s) A staunch family man with a strong value and belief system, guided by a strong moral compass.  Young but old enough to have ‘lived life.’

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