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HILLELKAPS – Review of The Weinreb Brothers “Mayain Olam Haba”

by HillelKAPS February 10, 2015












Hey everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing the new album from the Weinreb Brothers. Instead of boring you with my usual long prefaces, lets jump in!

  1. Mayain Olam Habah – I got a chance to hear this song before it became the production it is now. I originally thought it was impressive but this version blows the other one out of the water! This track was produced by C Lanzbom who really made the song come alive. After hearing this song, don’t be surprised if you start singing it involuntarily by your Shabbos table, it’s a catchy one! Also, check out the music video they released for this track prior to the album being introduced. The music video features some amazing work by video experts Jarrod Hurwitz and Motty Engel – both no strangers to the Jewish Music (Video) scene.
  2. Esa Einei – While you may have heard R’ Shlomo Carlebach’s “Esa Einei” before, the Weinreb Brothers put their own spin on the composition. I specifically enjoy the flute solos every time I listen to this track.
  3. Nigun Simcha of Kumavich – This track was recorded with C Lanzbom’s guidance as well. While I wasn’t too familiar with this nigun with this composition before listening to this album I have now listened to it many many times. This song is not only a great com but has great arrangements as well. Mendy Weinreb (the lead vocalist) really has a great voice that helps to emphasize the genre (or multiple genres’ I should say) that are on this album.
  4. Halliluka – This track originally performed by R’ Yosef Karduner is also taken for a ride once the Weinreb Brothers inject their own arrangements into it. Love the xylophone on this track.
  5. Borcheinu – This track composed by R’ Shlomo Carlebach has a nice exotic feel to it. The track starts off taking you on a trip into what sounds like the amazon rainforest. Once the vocals come in you’ll be sold on this track.
  6. Ruby’s Interlude – While recording much of this album in their own home studio the Weinreb Brothers must have realized that skeptics would listen to the album and still say that it must have been recorded in a big commercial studio and that the album certainly wasn’t recorded live since it wouldn’t sound this good. In an effort to prove them wrong here is a track that was recorded completely off the cuff! While you may enjoy the music of this album, you can be even more impressed when you take into consideration that the majority of this album was recorded in a home studio.
  7. Modeh Ani – This next track features an original country-style composition by the Weinreb Brothers. This song features some great harmonica parts by Ruby Weinreb.
  8. Chassidic Jazz Lounge – When I think of the “Chabasker Nigun” made popular not too long ago by Beri Weber I think of an electronic style disco, the type of song you would hear during the 2nd dance set at a chasuna. This next track may change your view as it did mine. This version of the Chabadsker Nigun takes on a more relaxed vibe as the song is set to a more slow jazz style arrangement. This song was mixed by Hillel Kapnick (yup that’s me!) and I can tell you personally it was a very fun track to work on.
  9. Rachel – This next song was recorded l’zecher nishmas the Weinreb Brothers’ grandmother A”H. featuring some beautiful flute and guitar playing as well as a gorgeous choir conducted by David Ross.

10 Hinei Kumzits – Although you may have heard the Carlebach Havdala before, this is a beautiful rendition. As much as Mendy’s vocals help carry the songs, when all the brothers sing together you’ll find that they aren’t just all musically talented, but they’re vocally talented as well.

  1. Hashem Melech – I can confidently say that with the popularity of the song “Hashem Melech” by Benny and Gad Elbaz, you probably won’t hear it sung like this anywhere else! The Weinreb Brothers bring us an acoustic version of the song that gives us some country, some bluegrass, and a few other genres mixed in for good measure.

All in all this is definitely not your typical Jewish music. The Weinreb Brothers provide us with a great sounding diverse album. Buy this album for the person you forgot to get a Chanuka present for and you’re sure to get back in their good graces!



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