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Firstly I would like to thank the staff at JMR for allowing me to join the JMR team to write reviews!

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For some reason in the Jewish music industry we have many long months of silence and then almost with out any notice an outburst of unbelievable talent rushes towards us. The problem with that is, is that there are so many Cd’s the come out that it’s hard to choose which ones to buy! For those of you that live music (like me) Boruch Sholom is one of those debut artists that belongs in your music library,(and that’s even before we even get in to it!) His talent is apparent on every song on this CD, as he is a composer arranger and singer.
I’d like to begin with the producer of this amazing debut album. The great Yeedle Werdyger was the one who was the first to discover and use this young budding talent. If we jog our memory to Yeedle’s latest production, Meleyim Ziv, Soon and Shakul were all composed by Boruch Sholom. When Yeedle produces an album whether it is his own or his fathers the King of Jewish music MBD, you can tell that a lot of time and money was put into it. This album is no different, Yeedle’s expertise is written all over this album.
With that let’s jump right in!
1)  Bishvili  
Composed by Boruch Sholom and his brother Levi.
Arranged by BSB, Yeedle and Eli Lishinsky
One of my favorite songs on the album. A simple but strong song, with great fresh arrangements.
Very simple words with a strong message. What an amazing way to start the album. Towards the end of the song Boruch Sholom 
changes up the style of the song which adds great Belesofsky groove! 5 out of 5
2) A Gutta Voch  
Composed by BSB and LIPA! 
Arrangements by BSB Yeedle, and Eli Lishinsky
A slow song that moves ( it reminded me of Benny Friedman’s No Lyrics for example). 
It’s one of those songs that you only get every couple years, and you can’t get bored of.
You hum along and you feel as though your in the studio with BSB and LIPA watching 
the magic take place. 5 out of 5
3) Tefilah L’Moshe 
Composed by BSB arranged by BSB and Yeedle (don’t you see a trend here! i see PURE TALENT!!!)
This is a slow song which has string arrangements by Aaron Razel who just recently put 
out his latest album and choir work done by Yoely Dickman, who is a young multi talented Israeli
that doesn’t stop amazing me!
This hartzig song starts off with a smooth flute which accompanies it for the duration of the song. 
BSB strides through with clean vocals and ends the high part with a nice falsetto. As the song progresses
you gotta just join in with the background choir. The flute really gives this song the purity of the Jewish Soul.
4 out of 5
4) Lo Yemalet 
Composed and Arranged by the one and only BSB
By far my favorite song on this album. Definitely not the kind of style you except to find on your typical
Jewish album. But then again there is nothing typical about BSB. This is an out of the box song which includes horse sounds and live 
gunfire. I love the background vocals by BSB and Shulem Lemmer and the chazunus abilities toward the end of this song
 Although very repetitive in the high part. It is a very catchy tune and you just can’t stop listening to it! 
5 out of 5
Boruch Sholom just recently released a music video for this song check it out on JMR
5) Time of my Life
Composed BSB 
Lyrics by LIPA and Chani Gorelick
English Lyrics done by arguably the most talented man in Jewish music today LIPA. Time of My Life
has a great message of that sometimes life looks dark and hopeless, if you put your trust in Hashem, He
will take care of you. BSB starts breaking it down at 2:46 into the song with a casual little rap.
It ends off with soulful yearning to have that connection with Hashem. 3.5 out of 5
6) Screaming Your Name
Composed by BSB and Yeedle. Lyrics by LIPA and Chani Gorelick
Featuring Up and coming star Shulem Lemmer of Shira Choir)
This song is dedicated to the Four Kedoshim that were brutally murdered in the
Har Nof Shul Massacre during davening. The song is in English the words penatre in to your whole being.
A song that wakes us up from our own personal pain, and makes us Sream His Name. I especially
liked the musical interlude, towards the end of the song. 4 out of 5
7) Shuva 
Composed by Rabbi Feital Levin
Arranged by Mona Rosenblum, Eli Lishinsky and Nir Graff
An old school sounding Chabad song. Pretty simple Jewish arrangements done by Mona.
I wouldn’t be surprised to find this song on a MBD album. This song is great for the second dance wedding
scene. 4 out of 5
8) Hisnari
Composed by Boruch Sholom.
Arranged by BSB, Yeedle and Eli Lishinsky
This song to quote the producer Yeedle was sent to him after Boruch Sholom lost his mother.
The lyrics were laden with grief and pain but the ultimate tone was one of Survival.
The song is dedicated to Boruch Sholom’s mother. He sing this song with great fervor and emotion.
3.5 out of 5
9) Shmoozen
Composed by BSB
Arranged by BSB and Eli Lishinsky
The song features Zevi Fried one of the original members of the Shira Choir and a musical genius in his own right.
Zevi starts off the track with a phone conversation (Yeedle and Boruch Sholom can be heard in the
background as well) The song- in Yiddish- gets moving right away. You can’t blink or you might miss it.
BSB rips out that Yiddish like a pro. Zevi gets his solo (he sort of reminds me of Yizchok Fuchs). 4 out of 5
10) Vayechulu
Composed by BSB
Featuring Yeedle Verdiger
This song was pre- released before the album, and I just couldn’t stop playing it.
Great smooth vocals, crazy awesome musical interlude. What else can I say, just all around
Musical Bliss!!! The album ends off with out of this world music with a saxophone solo.
5 out of 5
I’m assuming that you all already own this album, because you bought it.
In any case if you don’t yet own this quickly go get a copy, because this is
an album you don’t wanna miss out on.
Thanks for reading and joining me on this journey (my first review)
Any questions or comments.
Write below or send me an email at lamusicman01@gmail.com

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Yona Bellar

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Great review. Short, specific, and to the point. Nice!

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